The company was founded in 1951. It employs about 200 people. In 1990 it was restructured from state owned firm into a limited liability company and became a private firm. Since 1996 LUBMOR has been working in a quality management system based on ISO9001:2000 standard, confirmed by a Germanisher Lloyd’s certificate.

A broad production programme covers the following group of products used in shipbuilding and construction:

  • sanitary blocks with complete equipment in various construction versions, with possibility for on-site assembly – for shipbuilding and construction (e.g. hotels, dormitories),
  • ship doors – flameproof, fireproof, wooden, heavy steel, light steel, glass reinforced polyester resins (GRP), for coolers, internal and external, hinge, sliding and swinging,
  • ship windows with hardened glass, heated, rotating and fireproof of A class,
  • cooling chambers for plus and minus temperatures,
  • shuttering systems – division and lining walls, hanging and self-supporting ceilings and floating floors,
  • chemical products from glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) – doors, window boxes, ventilator and power winch frames, life-belt containers, fire hose boxes, roofing, benches, seats, sand containers, glass containers and other.
  • aluminum products – doors, windows, shop windows, railings, section walls, toilet cabinets,
  • construction doors – for hotels, apartment blocks, offices, power plants, breweries and other special designation doors.

Company LUBMOR sides making of the goods can also install them at the place of destination. In regards both the goods for shipbuilding and for the building. Thanks qualified workers this installation is carried out quickly and professionally.

All product possess high quality and fulfill requirements of Marine Administrations and Classification Registry Associations in scope of thermal, acoustic and water insulating properties.

Manufacturing of broad product range makes it possible to supply complete materials for construction of living rooms on a ship.

The design of these products has been developed by the Factory Technology and Design Office with close cooperation with the shipyards and research and scientific institutions.

LUBMOR products are manufactured for Polish and foreign shipyards both sea and river traffic as well as for land construction needs. LUBMOR exports its products to Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, The Netherlands, India, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Germany, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and Great Britain.