Hycos is a combination of the words Hydraulic and Control Systems, indicating our core capabilities.

We are specialized in maritime hydraulics – we engineer, build and commission hydraulic drive systems on or close to water all over the world.

Most of these are custom built and designed in close cooperation with our customers. Usually we supply a turnkey system including an advanced PLC control system, local installation and commissioning but sometimes we just supply one or more parts of this.

The is a lot of variation in this: cranes, winch drive systems, pumpdrives, dredgers, tugboats, drilling tools and lifting equipment

Apart from this, we build diesel driven powerpacks in the power range from 20 to 1500 kW. Most of these are custom built, sometimes built to ATEX or NORSOK specifications and sometimes built in DNV 2.7.1 offshore containers.

We do however have a number of standard models that we produce economically. Check out the menu bar on the left to see what we have available.

We also design and build fire fighting equipment for mobile applications. These are innovative solutions as well, for example the automatic priming system on our units.

We have a team of approx. 35 people, of which 10 engineers and 18 workshop personnel.